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Say Goodbye to Stubborn Fat!

July blog photoCoolsculpting in Abilene, Texas, at The MedSpa at Hendrick

Getting older comes with many changes. We typically have more responsibility at work and more chores to take care of at home, leading to a busier schedule and less time for proper diet and exercise. Our metabolism also tends to drop, making it even more difficult to keep our bodies looking trim. However, as a certified CoolSculpting® provider, The MedSpa at Hendrick can help you eliminate fat and achieve a slimmer figure!

Fat in troublesome areas like the abdomen, thighs, muffin top and double chin can be especially concerning. These stubborn fat cells are difficult to eliminate with diet and exercise alone, and often need an extra push in the right direction. This is where FDA-cleared CoolSculpting comes in. It is the perfect complement to any healthy lifestyle, and can safely and effectively reduce fat cells for noticeable results.

CoolSculpting works through a process called cryolipolysis where fat cells are frozen beneath the skin so that they shrink and eventually dissipate. The treatment is non-invasive and does no damage to the surrounding skin or tissue. CoolSculpting requires no downtime and results appear natural, gradually becoming noticeable over the course of a few months.

The time is now to reduce fat and achieve a beautiful figure! Call 325.480.0522 today to schedule your consultation!

For the second year in a row, readers of Abilene Reporter-News have chosen The Medspa at Hendrick as their favorite destination for aesthetic and wellness services!

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We are humbled and thrilled by this honor, and want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude. Fact is, we couldn’t do what we do without you!


To thank you for your trust and patronage, we’d like to reflect on three of our favorite summertime activities in the hopes that we can return the favor and boost your joy this season.


Take short walks outside.

Forget about the exercise (though the health benefits of walking are ginormous!). Want to better your life? Research suggests that taking short breaks from work can improve your stamina, productivity, and mood.


Smell the roses.

Even better than smelling them is placing flowers or plants in your home or office! Research indicates that when flowers or plants are displayed in a room, they can boost your mood and cognitive performance.


Rock it!

When was the last time you gave a rocking chair a good ride? We’ve known for ages that babies are lulled to sleep by gentle, rocking motion. A study on dementia patients suggests that rocking may also benefit adults by releasing endorphins and reducing anxiety.


The Medspa at Hendrick strives to provide personalized care based on the highest level of skill. We know that expertise is nothing without heart and compassion, which is why we feel truly blessed to serve you! Every time we see you smile from a treatment well done, we know we are on the right track.


Thank you, Abilene! Call us today at 325.480.0522 or click here to schedule your consultation.


Celebrate Mom this Mother’s Day!

Spa Services in Abilene, Texas, at The MedSpa at Hendrick

You are worth itMother’s Day is right around the corner. What better way to say you love and appreciate her than with spa treatments? From facials and massage therapy to medical-grade skincare lines, the treatments and products at The MedSpa at Hendrick are all about spoiling your mother or mom-to-be so she can look and feel like her most beautiful self. (If you happen to be a mom, start dropping hints now for a gift certificate!)

For a restorative break in your busy day, our therapeutic massages can relieve tension and reduce muscle pain for the ultimate relaxation experience.

Our extensive selection of skin rejuvenation treatments, including facials, dermaplaning, microdermabrasion and chemical peels, can help refresh skin by removing old, dead skin cells and revealing radiant results. We promise to pamper you or your loved one to ensure that each treatment feels like a luxury.

Keep the good vibes going at home with skin care products and makeup sold exclusively at The MedSpa at Hendrick. With medical-grade products like Skinceuticals®, Naturopathica® and ZO it’s easy to revitalize, nurture and hydrate the skin. We also carry jane iredale mineral makeup, which elevates beauty with SPF protection and the healthful benefits of minerals.

Nothing says love like the gift of indulgence! Mother’s Day is a great time to say thank you with a skin rejuvenation treatment, body treatment or therapeutic massage. Order a gift card online or call us at 325.480.0522 for more information today.

Get Beach-Ready

CoolSculpting in Abilene, Texas, at The MedSpa at Hendrick

Excited woman jumping with hands raised on beachYou deserve to wear your bathing suit with confidence this summer!

So, how will you gain this confidence? A visit to The MedSpa at Hendrick is a great place to start, where our leading selection of body-contouring treatments, including CoolSculpting®, can give you that extra boost.

FDA-cleared CoolSculpting is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that freezes fat cells so that your body can naturally flush them away for trimmer contours. To be clear, we’re not saying you can abandon your diet or skip the gym. In fact, just the opposite is true. CoolSculpting results last longer for patients who maintain a healthy lifestyle. CoolSculpting helps reduce problem areas of fat on the body that are resistant to diet and exercise.

Each treatment takes about 35 minutes, thanks to new CoolAdvantage™ technology, which cuts treatment time in half. Once the skin numbs, our patients can spend their session diving into a good book or catching up on some beauty rest. With little to no downtime, CoolSculpting works on almost any area of the body, including the abdomen, love handles, thighs and under the chin.

It’s easy to say goodbye to unwanted fat cells—and hello to a more confident you—with CoolSculpting. To get started, call us at 325.480.0522 to schedule your complimentary consultation.


Bridal Beauty!

Get Glowing with Chemical Peels in Abilene, Texas, at The MedSpa at Hendrick

Lovely lavender fieldWedding season is fast approaching, which means it’s time to put your best face forward! Whether you’re primping for your photography session or the magical moment when you say “I do,” nothing says bridal like gorgeous skin. With a variety of chemical peels at The MedSpa at Hendrick, we have the solution to a number of skin concerns to leave you absolutely radiant for your big day!

A rejuvenating chemical peel can help you achieve your brightest, most vibrant skin. To let your true beauty shine through, a chemical peel can diminish visible signs of aging and imperfections, such as fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and dullness. Many of our peels offer a number of benefits, combining physical and chemical exfoliation with nutrients, cryogenic therapy, and cellular stimulation. Because some peels work best as a series of treatments, we encourage brides to start their peels well in advance of their big day in order to obtain optimal results.

You’ve hunted for the perfect dress, flowers, and venue. Now is the time to invest in yourself and show off your best skin! Getting started is easy—simply fill out our online consultation request form or call our office at 325.480.0522. We can’t wait to hear about your wedding and help you get glowing!

Become a “Super-Ager!”

Massages and Facials in Abilene, Texas, at The MedSpa at Hendrick

Beauty treatments for younger skinYou’ve seen them before—so called “super-agers,” or those mysterious women who manage to pull off the impossible and look years younger than their actual age. Instead of feeling jealous, it’s time to be inspired, because their beauty secret is easier to attain than you might think. According to a study mentioned in last month’s Cosmo, people who age well tend to have a strong positive mental attitude, or PMA. While it sounds a bit silly, we’re pleased as punch with this news because we consider PMA-boosting to be one of our specialties here at The MedSpa at Hendrick!

We can’t think of a faster way toward PMA than with a massage in Abilene. One of our therapeutic massages can help to alleviate stress, strain, pain, and tight muscles, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Our massage therapists are highly skilled in Swedish, deep-tissue, hot stone, and trigger-point techniques. All of our massages are personalized to your own needs so that after your treatment, you can walk away feeling your absolute best.

While you’re at it, why not pamper your skin with one of our many facial treatments? We can boost your PMA with a medical-grade facial to replenish and invigorate your skin. From our Express Facial, which takes only 30 minutes, to more in-depth cleansing and revitalization, glowing skin isn’t far away. Ideal for almost every skin type, even sensitive skin with acne or rosacea, our facials in Abilene are customized with physician-grade treatments so you can enjoy radiant skin long after your session. For additional TLC, the Eye Contour treatment can reduce puffiness and fine lines around the eyes and minimize under-eye discoloration. Call us today at 325.480.0522 to schedule your consultation.


It’s Time for Younger, Healthier Skin

BBL Photofacials at The MedSpa at Hendrick

Who doesn’t love the feel of warm sunshine on your face—that restorative, invigorating flush to your cheeks as you soak up all those vitamin D-rich rays? Unfortunately, that same sunshine contains damaging UVA and UVB rays, which can take a serious toll on your skin, causing premature wrinkles, sunspots and an increased risk of skin cancer, to name just a few harmful effects.

Now is the time to get a leg-up on your skincare and combat sun damage with a BBL Photofacial in Abilene! The BBL Photofacial is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment that uses BroadBand Light (BBL) to minimize a myriad of skin concerns. With minimal downtime, BBL Photofacials can treat and reduce age spots, sun damage, rosacea and more.

As an added benefit, BBL Photofacials promote collagen production. With regular use, a series of Forever Young BBL™ Photofacials in Abilene, Texas, have been clinically proven to reverse cellular aging and restore a youthful vibrance to your skin for years to come!

Healthy skin is happy skin, and now is the perfect time to treat yourself to both with a BBL Photofacial. Ready to schedule your consultation? Give us a call at 325.480.0522 to get started.

Lose More Fat—Faster!

CoolSculpting at The MedSpa at Hendrick in Abilene, Texas

Forgive us for asking, but remember your “problem” areas, those stubborn deposits of fat on your body that don’t seem to care how much you diet or run on the treadmill? Of course you do! They’re hard to forget. We all have them, and they’re why we love CoolSculpting® so much!

In case you haven’t heard, CoolSculpting is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment here at The MedSpa at Hendrick that has taken the world by storm because it can trim away those “problem” areas and get you closer to your ideal contours without any surgery or downtime. It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not.

We all love CoolSculpting for its impressive ability to slim us, and this treatment just got a whole lot better—faster, actually! At The MedSpa at Hendrick, new CoolAdvantage™ technology can help you achieve slimmer contours in half the time!

CoolSculpting in Abilene is FDA-cleared to treat multiple areas of the body, including the abdomen, thighs, muffin top, bra-line and double chin. It works by freezing fat cells, which are then naturally flushed out by the body in the weeks and months following treatment. Unlike surgical procedures for fat reduction, CoolSculpting doesn’t impose any downtime. Best of all, treatments are comfortable enough that some patients even nap during their session.

It’s a great time to take advantage of all that CoolSculpting has to offer. To get started, call us at 325.480.0522 and schedule your consultation.


Finally, A New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep!

Skin Rejuvenation at The MedSpa at Hendrick

Instead of feeling guilty about the New Year’s resolutions you didn’t keep, try this one on for size: Let’s resolve to make 2017 the year of getting gorgeous skin! Are you in?

To achieve the radiant, dewy complexion of your dreams, you can pick from a bevy of non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatments at The MedSpa at Hendrick in Abilene, Texas. For starters, our fractional laser skin resurfacing treatment can restore a lustrous glow to your face, neck, chest and hands by removing sun damaged skin and triggering new collagen growth. Laser skin resurfacing can also improve the look of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture, as well as reducing pore size and diminishing acne scars.

Another favorite skin renewing treatment in Abilene, Texas, is a BBL photofacial. BBL, which stands for BroadBand Light, can help diminish age spots and other common skin concerns including freckles, redness, broken capillaries, rosacea and acne. With regular use, BBL photofacials have been clinically proven to produce younger-looking, more luminous skin.

Last but not least, the MicroLaserPeel™ at The MedSpa at Hendrick is another tried-and-true treatment for invigorating your skin. MicroLaserPeels exfoliate the outermost layers of your skin cells to reveal refreshed, youthful looking skin with little to no downtime.

Best of all, you can get glowing skin without disrupting your busy schedule. All of our non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatments can be performed within an hour and involve minimal downtime.

There’s no need to put off this New Year’s resolution! Get started on gorgeous skin for 2017 by calling us for a consultation at 325.480.0522.


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