CoolSculpting at The MedSpa at Hendrick in Abilene, Texas

Forgive us for asking, but remember your “problem” areas, those stubborn deposits of fat on your body that don’t seem to care how much you diet or run on the treadmill? Of course you do! They’re hard to forget. We all have them, and they’re why we love CoolSculpting® so much!

In case you haven’t heard, CoolSculpting is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment here at The MedSpa at Hendrick that has taken the world by storm because it can trim away those “problem” areas and get you closer to your ideal contours without any surgery or downtime. It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not.

We all love CoolSculpting for its impressive ability to slim us, and this treatment just got a whole lot better—faster, actually! At The MedSpa at Hendrick, new CoolAdvantage™ technology can help you achieve slimmer contours in half the time!

CoolSculpting in Abilene is FDA-cleared to treat multiple areas of the body, including the abdomen, thighs, muffin top, bra-line and double chin. It works by freezing fat cells, which are then naturally flushed out by the body in the weeks and months following treatment. Unlike surgical procedures for fat reduction, CoolSculpting doesn’t impose any downtime. Best of all, treatments are comfortable enough that some patients even nap during their session.

It’s a great time to take advantage of all that CoolSculpting has to offer. To get started, call us at 325.480.0522 and schedule your consultation.